What Items are Not Recommended to Keep in the Bathroom

15111613As it became known after a series of studies by scientists in the bathroom is not recommended to store most of the subjects of our articles, including even the soap.

The fact that there is constantly in a bath and a warm humid air temperature, which in turn adversely affects the objects located therein.

In such circumstances, they feel good germs, so it is recommended after bathing rinse sponges, dry them in the open air and stored in a separate room. This also applies to laundry baskets, because after a while it can become covered with mold.

For example, the washing machine, which is made up of many metal parts, in such circumstances, the content they can quickly rust and fail.

Many dermatologists are not advised to keep in the bathroom shaving machines and any makeup, because after such a long period of detention, it can cause skin irritation accompanied by redness, or itching.

To this room was clean, dry air as often as possible is necessary to ventilate it, especially after bathing.

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