What it’is Recommended to Do Before Going to Bed

17111615One of the important factors of our lives, is a good night’s sleep, which affects not only performance, but also overall health.

If a person spent a restless night, in the morning, it is certainly reflected in his face, as will appear swelling and redness of the eyes.

To avoid this, you must comply with certain rules, one of which is the rejection of soft drinks in the afternoon, I mean coffee, strong tea, especially alcohol.

Not later than 2 hours before bedtime, you can afford a light supper, consisting of vegetable salad or yogurt with added fruit. The room bedroom recommended to ventilate and monitor the temperature of the humidity in the room.

Evening walk for 30 minutes, and a positive impact on the quality of sleep, because your blood is enriched with oxygen. Do not forget that the networked computers, televisions and even mobile phones, due to the electromagnetic waves adversely affect our bodies, so at bedtime do not forget to disconnect them from their power sources.

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