What Kills Sexuality?

Now it is less and less possible to meet a sexy woman. Men are in a state of slight shock. The thing is that a woman by nature is created to radiate sexual energy. Unfortunately, recently everything has changed.

So, what kills women in sexuality?

1. Laziness. There is nothing more terrible than laziness. It is she who is capable of destroying and destroying everything. Always watch your appearance – the skin should be in perfect condition, and the nails – well-groomed.
2. Do not love yourself. Every woman should treat herself with love and trepidation. If a woman does not love herself, then no one will love her.
3. Unhealthy appearance. Slouching back, soreness, dirty hair – all this acts repulsively. No woman should afford this. Men just do not tolerate sick women.
4. Unnatural beauty. Women made a real doll with silicone lips. This looks very repulsive. The most beautiful thing that can be is naturalness.

Love and be loved!

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