What Makes Women Extra Years?

101220169Every woman, regardless of age, trying to look perfect. This is due to the fact that everyone wants to maintain youth and beauty for years to come. This is quite normal desire and decision.

But it so happens that the woman is his inept actions, she adds to its image of extra years. What mistakes do women allow the most often?

1. Neck. Women lifelong actively caring for the skin. As for the neck and décolleté, something about this area is simply forgotten. But it is in vain and wrong. That neck often give the true age of the woman.
2. Clothing. You do not need to wear clothes free cut. Pick up clothes on a figure. So you’ll look a few years younger
3. Hair. If there was a touch of gray, you dye your hair. Gray hair will never make a woman beautiful.
4. Hands. Keep an eye on the condition of the skin of hands. He should always be in good condition. The same goes for nails. All homework is necessary to perform in rubber gloves. This will protect your hands from cracking and dryness.

Be beautiful forever!

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