What Methods of Contraception are There?

Now think about safe sex to many. Everyone knows that abortion – is an extraordinary stress on the body. It is best to think in advance about the consequences. It is much wiser to be protected. Fortunately, the people have a vast choice of contraceptives. What to choose, depends upon you.

So that today offers the pharmaceutical market? Which methods of contraception can be offered?

1. Hormonal pills. These pills woman should drink throughout the cycle. Note taking them does not protect against diseases that are sexually transmitted. If there is no permanent partner, then you need to think about another method of contraception.
2. Condom. Condom on the penis puts a man right before sexual intercourse. This product protects against sexually transmitted infections and HIV.
3. Candles. Vaginal candles woman inserts into the vagina before intercourse.
4. Helix. Spiral woman doctor inserts into the uterus. With it, you can walk for several years.

Choose for yourself a convenient and reliable method of contraception!

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