What Mistakes are Allowed in the Diet?

Many women want to be like your favorite actresses or singers. This is due to the fact that women from the TV screen always look perfect. Beautiful hair, clothes, make-up and perfectly matched, of course, a slim figure.

Many women want to be slim and lose weight. However, not always everything goes smoothly.

It must be said that the culprit – failure to comply with basic rules during a diet.

So, what are the rules you need to follow to lose weight a few kilos?

1. Calories. During the diet you can not drastically reduce the number of calories consumed. If this is done, the body will remain under stress. The result is simple – the weight will be more than it was previously.
2. Meals. You never need to pass one or another meal. If you skip breakfast, the lunch will be eaten a double portion. So the body makes up for its reserves. It is best to give preference to split meals.
3. Low-fat products. Do not delude ourselves about this. Low-fat cake contains no fewer calories than normal.

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