What Nutritionists Do not Recommend?

Every woman cares about her figure. Nobody wants to be a full and ugly woman. In this regard, many women in the world are trying to adhere to proper nutrition.

So, what foods to eat, nutritionists do not recommend? Such lists of a lot, but imagine more common.

1. Cookies with jam. Such products contain a lot of sugar, but the feeling they do not give satiety.
2. Fast food. Discard the food in fast foods. This is a very unhealthy food.
3. Factory food. Dumplings, mayonnaise, corn – not those products which must be on your desk. Most often apply when preparing low-quality products.
4. Carbonated drinks. In many of these beverages contain dyes and fragrances. Do not forget that sugar from the drink instantly absorbed into the bloodstream.
5. White rice. Black rice is much healthier for the body than white.
6. White bread. From white bread is best abandoned. It is best to eat bread that is made from wheat flour.
7. Pork. This meat is very fat. The body difficult to digest it.

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