What Products Are Considered Antidepressants?

Now many people are in a depressed state. Everyone has their own reasons for this. But no matter how it was, the condition is quite dangerous for the body. With nm, you need to engage in an active struggle. If this is done on time, then there will be no consequences.

So, what will help to cope with depression?

Scientists from Canada more recently came to the conclusion that the use of certain foods will protect the person from long periods of depression and stress. What are these products?

1. Tomatoes. In tomatoes are substances that help people tune into a positive mood.
2. Bananas. Bright fruits contain potassium and magnesium. Thanks to them you can calm down. Tranquility and endurance is not enough for modern people.
3. The greens. In the summer a lot of greenery. It must be consumed in unlimited quantities. Parsley, dill, coriander, celery – all this should be on your table daily.
4. Pumpkin seeds. Include pumpkin seeds in the diet. They also contain substances that help a person cope with stress and bad mood.

Do not be sad.

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