What Products Can not Be Bought in the Store?

Shop counts are now crowded with an abundance of goods. You can buy everything you want in the store. Undoubtedly, many products greatly facilitate the life of modern women. However, it is important to remember that many products are fraught with many dangers.

So, what products are best not to buy in the store?

1. Semi-finished products. Pelmeni, vareniki, cutlets – all these products contain a lot of preservatives, so they can harm your health.
2. Sweets. Ready-made sweets are harmful to health, because they contain a lot of fats (at the same time, very low quality).
3. Mayonnaise. In this product there is nothing but fat. It is because of them there is a blockage of blood vessels with cholesterol.
4. Chips. How delicious to eat a packet of chips. It is not so easy to describe the taste of the product. But immediately I want to note that the flavor enhancer is added to the chips. It is because of this supplement they want more and more.

It is best to cook food yourself. Only in this way it will be possible to preserve one’s health for many years.

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