What Repels Men?

For millions of years they say about the relationship of man and woman. This topic is so complex that to understand it and did not work. Oh very different psychology and opposite sexes.

Women are doing everything to seduce men. Sometimes, all that is perceived on the contrary. This is due to the fact that man is simply not like that.

So let’s understand what pushes men?

1. Excess cosmetics. There is no doubt you need to be painted. Only all should be in moderation. Men can not stand when a woman a lot of makeup.
2. Silicone lips. Lush lips always liked men, but there is a caveat. Everything must be natural. Women who have not spoiled yourself plastic surgery is always very popular with a strong half of mankind. The same applies to the silicone breast.
3. The ability to cook. Men do not like women who do not know how to cook. A man wants to go home where it’s warm, cozy and a warm dinner.

Lovely women, consider these facts and forth to find his happiness! Good luck!

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