What sweets do not harm the figure

Which of us will give up sweets? To date, all the windows of supermarkets and cafes are simply bursting with the abundance of various confectionery products for every taste.

And even the most furious refuseniks of sweets will still not be able to resist a delicious cake or cake http://www.goods-eu.com/. But lovers of sweets need not forget that too frequent consumption of various confectionery products in large numbers may not be very good for health and, of course, in appearance. It is not necessary to refuse sweet, but it is necessary to calculate your diet correctly.

How to achieve balance

If you are very fond of chocolate, and can not limit yourself in its use, then try to still find the strength to correctly distribute its use. For example, make yourself so-called “chocolate days”, that is, select one day, suppose it will be Wednesday, and eat chocolates, sweets how much you want, the main thing, of course, do not overdo it. And in the remaining days, limit yourself from sweet. You can also do with other types of confectionery.

If you were invited for a birthday, then on the eve try to eat less sweet, so you can safely enjoy the cake after. Thus, you will be satisfied, and your figure will not suffer.

But if you can not limit yourself to your favorite desserts, try to at least properly use them for food, namely: if you still worry about your figure, but you can not refrain from dessert, it is better to eat it in the morning and on an empty stomach. Then it is better and faster to assimilate in the body and will not leave a trace on your waist. And before you eat a snack, drink 1-2 cups of water.

But in order to be confident in quality products, give preference to home-made confectionery, the composition of which you will know for sure, besides, you can prepare yourself so-called “dietary treats”, which will be both tasty and useful.

What to do when choosing sweets

As we mentioned earlier, you can not do without sweets today. They are not only delicious, but as has been repeatedly proven, sometimes very positively affect the mental state of people, are some kind of antidepressants. But the main question is how to eat your favorite dessert and not get better? First of all, preference is best given to desserts, which include natural products.

For example, if you are very fond of chocolate, then when choosing it, pay attention to the fact that its composition, for example, in black chocolate should be at least 75% cocoa. Chocolate is not only very tasty, but also useful, especially for people whose work is related to mental activity, and also through the use of chocolate in the human body is the production of the hormone of joy – endorphin. But do not forget that the main thing is not to overdo it and in an acceptable amount that is not harmful to the figure chocolate can be consumed no more than 50 g per day, and it is better to give preference to black chocolate.

If you like sweet, and at the same time want to get a charge of vivacity for the whole day, and also to strengthen immunity, start your morning with a teaspoon of honey in addition with lemon juice.

Honey is one of the best natural delicacies, which not only does not harm your figure, but will be very beneficial for health. If you want to refresh yourself on a hot summer day and eat something sweet, take a ball of good cream ice cream. And so you not only freshen up, but your body will receive at least a small amount of calcium contained in dairy products, which is very useful for bones. Another very tasty and useful treat is dried fruit. They not only will not affect the state of your figure in any way, but they will also saturate your body with necessary useful substances. As you can see, you can not only choose useful sweets for yourself, but also use them for the benefit of your body, without worrying about the state of your figure combining business with pleasure.