What Thing Can Spoil the Image?

261120166Every woman wants to look attractive. To do this, each of the fair sex, dress pretty and feminine. But it happens that one part can erase all the beauty of the image.

So, what can hurt the whole way?

1. White shoes. White shoes have long been out of fashion. White shoes to wear is possible and necessary, but it must be sneakers or running shoes.
2. Inappropriate decor. We need to choose just one thing – or lace, or embroidery. Combining all together – a sign of bad taste.
3. Bright colors. If you are already a mature woman, wearing the bright stuff is not necessary. It looks serious.
4. Forgery. Do not buy counterfeits of famous brands. The best thing is to choose an unknown brand, but good quality.
5. Rhinestones. Never buy things with rhinestones. Unglue they can, but the thing will be forever spoiled glue.
6. Jeans with low-slung. Jeans with a low-slung never been in vogue. Their goal – to demonstrate underwear. Note, this has always been considered bad form. No need to ever do so.

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