What to Do after Casual Sex?

Every man and woman may face a situation where unprotected sexual intercourse can occur. It is not just doctors said that with unfamiliar person to have sex after the condom is put on. All this is understood, but in a moment of passion forget safely.

But what if there was not, the woman and the need to spend a lot of action, so as not to become pregnant and do not pick up an infection.

So what should a woman do?

The best thing the next morning to go to hospital. The doctor will prescribe the necessary medication. Most of all – it’s antiseptic candles and hormonal pills. According to the doctor – will also be available to be tested for HIV infection. The analysis will need to hand over three months, and then once again – after 6 months.

What should I do to the man?

Also, as a woman, tedious, seek medical advice. For men will be assigned to antiseptic solutions. They are prescribed for the prevention of infections that are sexually transmitted.

You never need to self-medicate. In the future, remember – safe sex – is the key to your health!

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