What to Do during Illness?

Nobody is immune to the disease. Moreover, it can overtake when a person does not expect it at all. In such moments, there is always sadness and anguish. It is understandable that no one likes to be sick. I always want to get better soon. What is needed for this?

Immediately I want to note that you can not try to disguise the symptoms of the disease. This is a wrong step, to which many are. It is much more correct and sensible to proceed with the purification of the body.

As for nutrition, during illness, it plays far from the last role. During the cold, there are many products that need to be discarded. This includes – buns, smoked products, cereals with a high content of starch. Note that such products only exacerbate the course of the disease.

During the disease, you need to eat more fresh vegetables, greens. Food is best cooked, not fried. In addition, you need to drink as much fluid as possible. Drinking plenty of water will help rid all toxins in the body.

Do not be ill. Take care of your health!

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