What to Do if Hair Loss?

Now more and more women are faced with such a problem as hair loss. In fact, the problem is acute, so it is necessary to solve and deal with it.

So how can you strengthen your hair?

1. Shampoo. It is very important to choose the right shampoo. It must be suitable to your skin type. Always use well-known brands.
2. Rinse herbs. If a strong hair loss after wash is necessary to rinse your hair with herbs. It is best suited for the purpose of oak bark and chamomile flowers.
3. Nutrition. Pawn beautiful hair – a proper diet. The diet should be varied (meat, seafood, herbs, vegetables and fruits).
4. Masks. Once a week should be applied to hair nourishing mask. It is possible to prepare yourself. Most often, as the main ingredients, you can take honey, yogurt, sour cream, onion juice. Good effect have a mask with the addition of henna. It is colorless and coloring effects.
5. The headpiece. In no event do not go out in the winter without a hat. This is detrimental to the hair.

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