What to Do, to Avoid Insomnia?

Everyone should sleep well. But many people ignore this rule. You always want to watch your favorite movie until late at night or play a computer game. But from such a pastime need to give. Far better to lie down and sleep well.

So what should you do to avoid insomnia?

1. Mode. Teach your body to the regime. This means going to bed and waking up should be approximately at the same time. This is incredibly useful for the organism.
2. Rest. After work, you do not have to run home to start cleaning or preparing food. Much more useful to take a walk and relax after a day’s work. Fresh air is best promotes sleep.
3. Food. Forever have to forget about a late dinner. Eat need somewhere to 6 hours before bedtime. During this time, the body will be able to digest all the food, and sleep will be healthy. Thus, dinner should be easy. No fatty foods.
4. Tea. Before going to bed drink a glass of mint tea. This drink will help to relax and unwind.

Sleep on your health!

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