What to Do with Allergies?

Nowadays more and more people faced with such disease as allergies. Moreover, among the more ill children. Hard to say what is the cause of this disease. Now scientists are considering a version – excessive cleanliness could trigger an allergic reaction to the top.

I must say that a person is exposed to allergy only in a certain period (this applies to those who are allergic to flowering grasses, trees). From this it can be concluded that during the active flowering should be carefully prepared. That is, create a schedule so that, if possible, to go where there will be an allergen.

I must say that at its core, just to get rid of allergies. It is necessary to remove only the same allergen. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not easy to do.

So that a person can do to alleviate their condition?

1. Rest. During flowering head to rest. Select the place where you will be as comfortable as possible.
2. Medications. Beforehand take antihistamines reception.
3. Cleaning. Clean apartment, a car. The less dust the better. However, try to clean only with water and rags. There is no need to use chemicals. In addition, the house needed to clean all carpets and soft toys.

Be healthy!

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