What to Eat, so that the Brain Worked Perfectly?

Breakdown of short-term memory – this is the first sign of Alzheimer’s disease. To always be in good memory and will never find in his terrible disease symptoms, take it a rule at least every other day to pamper yourself “dose” of lycopene. It can be found simple tomatoes. It prevents the penetration of lycopene in our body of free radicals that provoke the development of anyone unnecessary sores on the letter “A”.

It is worth noting that tomatoes are rich in vitamin and “C”, like black currant. This vitamin has a tremendous impact on the activity of the brain. A tablespoon currant thinking can provide activity for the whole day.

And here is an old friend of the fairy tale about Cinderella pumpkin will help provide us with zinc, which is found in pumpkin seeds. Zinc is an important trace element for a good memory and the emergence of the right and smart thinking. Eating 30-50 gr. sunflower seeds a day saying “Smart thinking comes after the” you will not have any relationship.

Not in any cabbage are children. Some stork brings. But those who were once found in cabbage called “Broccoli” become almost brilliant. That’s because this strange for the Russian consumer cabbage is rich in vitamin “K”, which also has a positive effect on brain function.

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