What to Take with you on Vacation?

Everyone is looking forward to selling the company to go to the sea and just take a break from everyday routine. However, at this point you have to be very careful to take all necessary and not to forget anything. Undoubtedly, a lot of things you can buy on the spot, but it will cost a lot more expensive.

So what should you be sure to take with you on vacation?

1. Sunscreen. Be sure to take sunscreen. The skin needs protection from the sun’s rays.
2. Cream after sunburn. After the first day on the beach skin should be lubricated with a special cream after sunburn. Do not forget to put it.
3. Lipstick. Put the bag in lipstick, which at any moment may be applied to the lips and moisten them.
4. Spirits. How you can do on holiday without your favorite perfume?
5. Drugs. Never go on vacation without drugs, especially if you traveling a little child.

Lovely woman, before leaving to go manicure to leave at the end did not have to hide the nails from the outside. At sea, the nails grow fast.

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