What to Talk About Rosy Cheeks

14111612If the cold weather there is a blush on the cheeks, it indicates a good state of health, but in those cases where they remain red for a long time, it is worth paying attention as such a sign may be the body’s response to a number of diseases.

Redness of the cheeks can be caused by a sense of unease, as well as during times of stress, but as a rule, it passes quickly, so there is nothing to worry, as this is a reaction of the nervous system.

During the reception of some drugs can also cheeks red, indicating the presence of this type of allergy to drugs.

For those people who like a sauna, this kind of person is after each visit, what does the abrupt change of temperatures, which is why there is an expansion of the blood vessels. In the case of a permanent blush on the cheeks, it is best to undergo a medical examination as this could indicate a number of diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease associated with the work, and even the lungs.

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