What Vitamins Does the Body Lack?

Today, more people are experiencing vitamin deficiency. This problem is common, because people eat few foods that contain vitamins. It should be noted that beriberi is a very dangerous condition. It is necessary to fight against it.

So, what signs indicate the development of vitamin deficiency?

1. The skin. The skin is peeling, a rash may appear on it, and often there are cracks in the area of ​​the lips. Acute lack of vitamins on the face.
2. Nails. Nails begin to separate and break. When there are few vitamins in the body, it does not normally have to feed all organs and systems.
3. Hair. If the hair is heavily falling out, you can also guess about the acute shortage of vitamins.
4. Eyes. If the visual acuity began to decrease, it can be suspected that the body lacks vitamin A. In addition, inflammatory diseases of the eyes may appear.
5. The nervous system. The person becomes more irritable, there is insomnia. Improper eating has a bad effect on a person’s mood.

Watch your diet to be healthy.

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