What You Can not Do the Field of Food?

Everyone likes to eat delicious. Food is something without which none of us can survive. However, even in this simple matter there are many prohibitions.

So, what can not be done after eating?

1. Smoking. Smoking is generally a bad habit, which is best abandoned. But people are not in a hurry to do it. In this regard, I want to note that you can not smoke after a meal. This brings irreparable harm to health.
2. Fruits. How many people like to eat an apple or an orange after eating. But this can not be done. Fruits interfere with normal digestion.
3. Tea. After eating from drinking tea is also best to give up. Tea prevents normal digestion of the protein.
4. Shower. Do not go to the shower after eating. This will have a negative effect on digestion due to the fact that the blood flow will increase to the hands and feet.
5. On the move. Do not eat on the go. This is bad for the digestive organs. Eating is a kind of ritual.

Need to eat properly and balanced. This is a guarantee that health will be strong, and life – a long one.

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