What You Need to Eat to Women?

221120165Every woman wants and 30, and to look young and beautiful in 60 years. It is worth noting, beauty care is important. But much more important to eat right and eat healthy products for female beauty.

Perhaps few people know about them, but they exist. What must always be on the table for women?

1. Blueberries. The berries contain a minimum of calories, so it can safely eat even for those who adheres to a diet. Besides, blueberries has a positive effect on the visual system. With its help, you can also fine to strengthen memory.
2. Oatmeal. Porridge – the ideal source of fiber and protein. Eat it for breakfast every day. For a pleasant taste, you can always add blueberries. One shot can kill two birds with one stone.
3. Cabbage. Cabbage has a cancer prevention. In addition, this vegetable contains a lot of fiber, which contributes to the timely bowel.
4. Sardines. The fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which have beneficial effects on cardiac function.

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