What you should know about body hardening

It seems to us that you have repeatedly heard that hardening of the body is very important for every person.

If you do not know what hardening is, we will answer. Hardening is a method of physical therapy, which helps to strengthen the body’s immunity, as well as resistance to various viral infectious diseases, which consists in using water of air and other real natural remedies.

The most common type of hardening is a sharp change in body temperature with the help of some other factors. For example, after a person wakes up and also does exercise, he takes a warm shower, not warm, with cold water.

In winter, when there is snow, hardened people prefer to go barefoot on the snow to pour a bucket of cold water on themselves, and also get lost in this snow. If there is a swimming pool, every day, every morning, a person jumps into it and swims there for a few seconds. Such sharp changes stimulate stress cells inside the body, and, as it were, prepares it for an unexplored disease. Once the virus enters the human body, the hardened immune system responds instantly to it and does not spread to the virus throughout the body. But before you come to the fact that you could afford to go out on a frosty day barefoot on the snow, you need to go through a lot of stages. This is what many people do not do, and then they say that hardening is all a fiction of people.

When should I begin to temper?

The most favorable conditions for the start of tempering are the period of time very warm. This is the end of May or the whole summer. But it’s not the beginning of autumn. With the advent of autumn, the body is weakened. And, if you start at this time to create stress for him, most likely you are exposing your body to an even greater risk of getting sick. In addition, in a warm period of time you need to start hardening in warm water. Excellent bathing in the sea, in rivers, lakes and other water bodies, which have a temperature of 23-25 ​​degrees.

Gradually, you should go to a home-made temperament in the open air for this you can take an ordinary bath towel, soak it in water, and every morning wipe your body with it. And do not just wipe it, and do it quite actively to open all the smallest capillaries and vessels.

Thus, gradually, when autumn comes and the temperature of the water begins to drop, you will be ready for it. However, to pour, do not stand still for very long. Hardened people say that it takes at least one year to work as a wipe. Only after a year, the next summer, you can begin to pour.

And then, you need to start practicing douche, too, with warm water, that is 23-25 ​​degrees. You should also know that you must not overcool and the hardening process should not take more than 60-90 seconds. After that, you need to go into a warm room and wipe yourself dry. Only by adhering to such simple rules, you can get true and correct training, they lead your body to the disease and its deterioration.

When can I begin to temper children

Today in our country it has become fashionable to strive for a healthy lifestyle. A lot of social networks have become different videos and articles about the proper nutrition, active lifestyle, as well as tempering the body. Children are our future. And the sooner they start a right life, the more they will not live, and also will not have many different diseases. You can quench a child from birth, as soon as he can himself heal. The most correct is the beginning of the tempering of a child from two years old or three years old.

Only this does not mean that you should behave with him as if you were with you. It is enough for the child to soak up his feet in cool water, and also wipe his hands and feet with a cool face with a towel.

It should also be understood that all this should begin in the warm season, and the water temperature should be at least 27 degrees. Moreover, it is not necessary to release a child on snow until it turns 7 years old. However, all this is individual and must be carried out only when a competent specialist is observed.