What You Should Know About Parasites

Parasitology (science of parasites) has about 300 micro-organisms that are able to live inside a person and there is a long time to develop and reproduce, feeding at the expense of human cells and tissues.

It is for all the mothers who have small children, and just for those who care about their health and loved ones, the following information. It answers to the main questions, you can now not only a time to identify the problem, but in the future to avoid many troubles.

Alcohol Action

Many believe the majority of them men, that will help get rid of parasites is a good dose of alcohol. In fact, this statement is wrong, because in the course of the experiments, it was found that the parasitic worm in a flask with rubbing alcohol to survive. There are cases of trichinosis disease, leading to fatal consequences.

This was on the hunt when hunters after beat, boar and skinned on the spot staged a tasting game. They did not help even that meat liberally washed down with alcohol.

Traditional medicine and ways to control pests

Often advised to expel from the body of helminths using onion, garlic and hot pepper.

Such sharp products can only irritate the worm and make it look more quiet secluded place in your gut and even the liver and gallbladder. Often, after such a treatment becomes difficult to detect the worm using the tests because it is in a place atypical for him.

How to detect worm-parasite

To diagnose the disease as possible after a series of tests. It helps you:
• scraping on enterobiosis;
• analysis on helminth eggs;
• Ultrasound of the gallbladder, liver;
• blood tests for white blood cells;
• Analysis for immunoglobulins.

Antiparasitic prevention

Upon infection, Trichinella (belongs to the group of nematodes) the meat is subject to mandatory recycling. Even after thermal treatment good meat is contaminated not help in this case, the freezing of other methods.

There is a risk of infection opisthorchiasis if eating fish and seafood. It also relates to the salt, dried and smoked products. Opisthorchiasis provoke liver flukes. To neutralize the worms will help long-term freezing at t – 400C for at least 7 hours.

The most common parasites (pinworms, pork tapeworm, roundworm) will win an ordinary hygiene. Do not forget to wash your hands before eating or after using the toilet, after returning from a walk or public places. Wash your products before use and do not leave them, especially in the summer, they are in the open air.

During epidemics enterobiosis school or kindergarten to restrict visiting at the time of the quarantine.

Symptoms of infection with parasites

Since there are many worms, the symptoms are different. If you feel weak and nauseous, experience abdominal pain, then there is a risk of infection with intestinal parasites. In addition, may be fever and allergic rashes.

About trichinosis indicates swelling of the face, and pain in muscles and joints. Opisthorchiasis accompanied by similar symptoms, to which you can add a yellow complexion, so it is often confused with jaundice.

Cysticercosis caused by the larvae of pork tapeworm, accompanied by headache, arrhythmia, pain in the eyes. Localization of pain may differ depending on where the larvae settled.

The action of antibiotics on parasites

Even the most expensive antibiotics are not able to kill the worms in your body, since they are designed for the simplest organisms.

While infecting worms are worming treatment.

What you should know, going to exotic destinations

In some countries, in conditions of high humidity and high temperatures inhabits many worms, parasites, to which we have no immunity. To a trip to tropical countries did not turn around hospital bed, stick to the rules:

• Try to eat in a restaurant or café;
• drink bottled water;
• Do not swim in stagnant water and only organized beach or in the pool;
• Do not walk barefoot on the earth;
• after the trip necessarily tested for worms.

If the house has a cat or a dog

Pets are direct carriers of parasites, even when they themselves do not go to the street. When we come from the street, then on our shoes with soil particles we bring the larvae and eggs of parasites. For example, a dog can sniff shoes and then lick us a hand or face. In this way, the parasites come to us. To avoid this, the animals must undergo regular veterinary anthelmintic therapy drugs.

The best remedy against parasites: