What’s in the Purse?

At the moment every woman’s purse can be found beautician. In it you can find a variety of things, objects. However, most often it is possible to meet cosmetics.

So that women hold in the beautician?

1. Thermal water. Thermal water – this is the number one tool, with which you can easily freshen makeup.
2. Tonal basis. Tonal basis – it is an ideal tool that can make a beautiful skin tone in just a few minutes.
3. Lip Gloss. No lipstick is difficult to do throughout the day. Lip Make-up should be refreshed very often, to emphasize their beauty.
4. Mascara. With the help of mascara to make your eyes can be more expressive.
5. Eye shadows. Shadow is best to use light colors. It is important to choose a shade that does not crumble.

I want to emphasize that you should always buy good quality cosmetics.

Lovely woman, someone washes this list differ slightly. But there is nothing to worry about. Each woman chooses cosmetic means for individually.

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