When it’s Time to Go to the Doctor?

For many of us a doctor’s office is the last place where I would like to visit.

Visiting health care has become a matter of necessity. People go to the experts only in cases when they begin to feel a sharp pain. The reasons for this behavior are several:

Who do not want to give their money to the survey, as it believes itself perfectly healthy;

Someone can not tolerate bureaucracy and queues, which do not root in public health facilities;

And someone, and do not trust the young doctors, trying to recover the recipes of traditional medicine.

In fact, the health worker – a specialist, who is obliged to help the patient. He’s not the villain, not the teacher, it will not hurt or lecturing for a wrong way of life, and only give the necessary recommendations.

In many specialized institutions is a matter of doctors passing mandatory. You do not have to feel discomfort or other symptoms of illness. Experts recommend an annual check-ups on the chest X-ray apparatus to prevent respiratory diseases, and for women it is desirable at the same frequency to check the health of the gynecologist.

Therefore, even if you feel healthy, not too lazy to sign to a doctor for examination. According to statistical data on such annual inspection revealed dangerous diseases at an early stage (breast cancer, diabetes), which lend themselves more successful treatment.

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