When You Can not Go to a Tanning Salon?

No more winter to go to Turkey to get a tan. Everything is much easier and cheaper. Now, many women enjoy the solarium. At any time, you can have bronze skin tone at the lowest cost.

However, before you go to a tanning salon, you need to familiarize yourself with some rules. When women can not go to the solarium?

1. Pregnancy and breast-feeding. During this period do not need to expose your body to additional stress.
2. Skin Neoplasms. This can only aggravate the situation.
3. The tendency to bleeding. If you have the disease, then the solarium you the door will be closed.
4. Skin diseases. In diseases such as eczema and dermatitis better to abandon a visit to the solarium.

This is the most common cases in which the solarium strictly forbidden. In all other cases, you can easily make an appointment.

Note, in this case it is equally important to choose a good restaurant. As if there was not, we should not abuse the artificial tan too!

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