When you Need to Do a Cesarean Section?

Every woman knows that the pods – it is natural and physiological. So laid nature. Through this, every woman has to go. No need to be afraid of anything. It is much wiser to listen to during labor that tells medical personnel.

But there are times when medical reasons a woman can not give birth naturally. In such cases, doctors recommend a cesarean section.

So, in which cases the operation is shown.

1. A narrow pelvis mothers.
2. Uterine fibroids.
3. The weak labor.
4. Myopia.
5. Diabetes.
6. Pathology of the heart.
7. Kidney.
8. Preeclampsia pregnant.
9. Sexual mothers illness.
10. Diseases of the spine.

As you can see, there are many pathologies, because of which the doctor may decide to do a cesarean section. But in this case it solves only a doctor.

Finally, I want to appeal to women and say that it is not necessary to do a caesarean section because of the fact that you are afraid of pain. A child is born must naturally. Only in exceptional cases, you can resort to Caesarean section.

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