Where in America the Hardest Lives of Mentally Ill People?

Not long ago, a study was carried out and published on where, in what the US regions worst of all citizens living with mental disorders. When analyzing and gathering information for the period from 2011 to 2014 were taken into account 15 key criteria that determine the quality of life of this category of citizens, the ability to quickly obtain quality medical care and other aspects of life.

So, the world famous edition of The Huffington Post and the organization Mental Health America has been a rating of the states in which people with mental health problems and related diseases, experiencing minimal discomfort. As a result of this study was the worst region in Nevada, where the most difficult to get decent medical care, there are no experts and doctors in the field, as well as beds in hospitals. And best of all these people live in Connecticut, followed by Massachusetts, on the third – Vermont.

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