Where is Vitamin C Contained?

Everyone knows perfectly well about the benefits of vitamin C. This is the vitamin in which the body so needs during colds. You can say that all the hope is on him.

So, what foods contain this vitamin in the maximum amount?

1. Pepper. Eat more pepper. Completely unimportant, what color he will be. In any variety of peppers contains the maximum amount of vitamin C.
2. Oranges. Oranges are one of the most common fruits that people eat most often because of the high content of vitamin C. Eat it boldly. However, if you have allergies, you need to be careful.
3. Grapefruit. Grapefruit is another of the leaders in the content of vitamin C. It should be noted that the fruit promotes fat burning. This information can be useful for those who lose weight.
4. Kiwi fruit. Eat 1 kiwi a day to pay off the daily requirement for vitamin C.
5. Broccoli. This type of cabbage also contains a sufficient amount of vitamin C. It is equally important that the broccoli contains folic acid. This vitamin is important for women of reproductive age.

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