Where to Put Makeup that does not Fit?

011220163Every woman in the bathroom you can find a huge number of different bottles. All this – cosmetics. Each of them is intended for something specific.

But it so happens that the purchased vehicle, is not suitable (though a friend assured that it is just perfect). In this case, it is not necessary to blame anyone. It all depends on your style or color.

But today we’ll talk about something else – like cosmetics can be used that does not fit?

1. Moisturizer. If a moisturizer for the face you did not come, then it can be safely used for the hands.
2. Tone cream. Very often in the shop light it is different from the street. In connection with this, a foundation color can easily be mistaken. Do not worry, everything is fixable. Add a bit of moisturizing cream and apply on face. The tone will be perfect.
3. Lipstick. With lipstick, everything is a bit more complicated, but do not give up. Adjust the color, you can use eye shadow.
4. Scrub. If you scrub hard, then it can be used for heels and elbows.
5. Hair conditioner. If the tool can not cope on their direct task, it can be used as a means of shaving.

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