Whether it is Necessary to Rest the Winter in Tropical Countries?

15111617In the winter cold days you often remember a time when carefree sunbathing on the beaches of the various bodies of water, while soaking up the sun.

Nowadays it is possible in the winter to visit a country where summer all year round, for example, Egypt.

To do this, of course we need money, but this is not important, because the abrupt change of climatic conditions, not all useful.

If, for example, young people under the age of 40 years do not have chronic diseases, visiting the warm spas for over 10 days, get a charge of vivacity and energy boost, the persons older than 50 years, such a trip can turn into unpredictable consequences. The fact that at this age usually accumulate some diseases, and such abrupt climate change could adversely affect the operation of cardiac system.

Even quite healthy people, after returning from tropical countries, requires a period of adjustment during which avoid nerve overvoltage, devote more time to sleep, as well as an active lifestyle and a balanced diet.

As for the children, until the age of ten they are not recommended for such differences, therefore it is better if they are to go to the skating rink or ski.

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