Whether to Include in the Diet of Raw Eggs

1211169Specialists have long are disagreements about the benefits of eggs, and, while some have argued that people older than 40 years are allowed to eat two eggs a week, because of the high level of cholesterol in egg yolks, other recommended daily for breakfast there is one egg.

In recent years, an increasing number of articles on the use of this product, it is likely to affect an interview with one of the long-liver, who resides in Spain and celebrated 117 years.

When asked reporters what the main products were present in her diet, she said that, since 20 years, she used every day for three eggs.

With regard to the use of raw eggs, then use them in much more than harm, which consists only in the fact that one can become infected with salmonella. Immediately it is worth noting that children under one year, is absolutely contraindicated in such a product.

In raw eggs it contains not only high in protein, but also a number of substances needed to complete the work of the body, they are especially good for the stomach to work.

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