Which Explains Bloating?

161116611Probably everyone at least once experienced the unpleasant feeling as bloating, in which there is a heaviness in the whole body.

The main cause of swelling is a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

With regard to power, some products that are used in food contact, is not always well absorbed by the stomach, resulting in the accumulation and fermentation gases.

One is dairy products, due to the presence therein of lactose, which is entering the intestine, can cause bloating.

Scientists have proved that at lunch should be allocated time is not less than one hour, it is provided for a person to chew food, thus facilitating the work of the stomach, because otherwise, the food pieces, falling into it, is processed for a long time and They can also ferment.

In order to avoid such discomfort is forever renounce the use of carbonated drinks, especially sweet, and it is better to replace them with green tea or fruit juice, home-cooked.

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