Which Foods Contain Potassium?

Currently, everyone is aware of how to be healthy and strong, you need to eat right. In other words, eat foods high in vitamins and minerals.

It is extremely important to maintain health at the proper level is – potassium. This trace element ensures the normal operation of the whole organism. To the heart of a well-worked also need potassium. If it is not enough that you may experience health problems (heart rhythm disturbance increased blood pressure).

So that such problems will never encounter, eat foods in which a lot of this trace element.

1. Baked potatoes. Potatoes leader in potassium content. Eat it and you will always be healthy.
2. Juices. Include in your diet: carrots, tomato and prune juice. They need to drink regularly.
3. Tomato paste. The tomato paste contains a minimum of calories, but a lot of potassium. It may be added in the preparation of pasta, soups.

Note that the daily intake of potassium is the norm – 4700 mg.

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