Which Way is Best Protected?

Sooner or later, the choice will be in front of every woman – which way you need to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. Today, the pharmaceutical market is full of a variety of drugs and all kinds of contraceptives. So, what to choose? This issue should be handled by experts. First you need to contact your gynecologist to make the right choice.

So, what are the most common methods of contraception are there?

1. Condoms. This rubber product that is put on immediately before intercourse. Note that it can be used not only to prevent pregnancy but also to protect against infections, sexually transmitted diseases.
2. Spiral. The spiral is introduced into the uterine cavity. There she can be located for several years. Foreign body prevents the attachment of the ovum in the uterus.
3. Hormonal pills. These tablets have an effect on female hormones, causing no pregnancy.

Only a doctor can correctly choose one or another method of contraception!

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