Who is Better Blonde or Brunette?

Between the blonde and the brunette was always war. Each neither believes it more beautiful and attractive. No one wants to give way to each other such a high status.

In the opinion of men, are considered more sexy blonde than brunette. But brunettes are always considered a fatal beauty. As if there was not, the debate go far.

Most likely this issue will never be able to understand, because how many people, so many opinions. Moreover, all different tastes.

But now, it can be seen that the leading stylists of America came up with something interesting. That is, a woman may choose something in between white and black. This hair color can be seen Jennifer Aniston. Undoubtedly, he can not remain indifferent to any woman.

So, how is the painting carried out? It is very important that the hair dye as possible consistent with the natural shade. So it will be easier to create a glare. With most light strands can be identified facial contour.

This coloring is suitable for blondes and brunettes. To do this, only use a darker or lighter shades of hair dye.

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