Why Can not I Lose Weight?

111220166At the moment in fashion slim girls and women. Not everyone has a genetic predisposition to leanness. Now more and more women are experiencing problems with being overweight. As if a woman is not trying to lose weight is still not obtained.

So what really prevents to lose weight?

1. Breakfast. Do not think that you will lose weight without breakfast quickly. This is one of the biggest misconceptions. This morning, you need to run your metabolism. If this is not done, then during the day it will run in slow motion.
2. A full dinner. The body has to get the most nutrients in the morning. Lunch should be complete, that is, include first and second dishes. But supper is already possible to refuse or to eat something diet.
3. Wine. Do not think that wine is low in calories. This is another serious error. The wine contains a lot of calories, so from him is best abandoned.

Lovely women, losing weight should be approached wisely! It is advisable to consult a nutritionist to do everything right!

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