Why Do Hair Fall Out?

In spring, many women face such a problem as hair loss. I want to say that this is a real problem, because you want to grow long and beautiful hair. But not destiny.

To cope with the problem, you need to know the main reasons for its manifestation. So, why do hair fall out in the spring?

1. Few sleep. Lack of sleep affects the whole body badly. Hair loss can also be included in this list.
2. Poor nutrition. If a person does not eat well, this immediately affects his appearance. Hair begins to fall out, and the skin becomes less attractive. Set up your diet so that the body has strength.
3. Stress. Constant stresses, scandals all this badly affects the mood of a person. As a consequence, deterioration in appearance.

Dear woman, beautiful hair is a real value. That they always pleased you with their appearance, eat properly, relax and take care of them (masks, properly selected shampoo and conditioner).

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