Why do I Get Acne?

281120164The woman, who on the face or back pimples is likely to have read a lot of literature and know the reason for their appearance.

But do not think that you already know everything. There are some causes of acne, which you do not even guessed.

1. Phone. Telephone – is the main peddler of microorganisms. Try to keep it clean. Do not forget to disinfect the screen.
2. Vitamin D. Lack of vitamin may cause the appearance of acne.
3. Water. Hard water has also affected the condition of the skin. Do not wash your face with water from the tap.
4. Coffee. Coffee breaks the stomach and intestines, which can cause acne.
5. Sleep. At night to sleep, not to sit behind a computer or a walk at the party. The body recovers during sleep. If you do not provide it, the acne can become your faithful companions.
6. Cosmetics. Try not to change cosmetics because it is stressful for the skin. It is very important to use less resources, which are struggling with acne.
7. Brush. Makeup Brushes need to be washed more often.

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