Why do Women Look Older than their Years?

0212201610At any age, a woman tries to look younger than their years. This is due to the fact that no one in the world does not want to grow old.

But it so happens that the woman is his inept actions she adds maturity appearance?

So, what women make mistakes most often?

1. Tired eyes. If a woman looks tired and bowed, then it immediately adds to it a few years.
2. Posture. If a woman stoops, it is not very good. Thus, it is currently just adds a few years.
3. Bright makeup. Especially older woman, the makeup must be gentle. In the need to know when to stop.
4. Tan. Light tan will always be relevant, but do not need to overdo it. Strong tan always ages.
5. Grey Hair. If you are there early gray hair, this problem must be addressed. Fortunately, now there are a lot of colors, with which you can paint the hair.
6. Clothing. You do not need to wear a shapeless and baggy clothes. It does not look nice.
7. Hands. Always take care of your hands. Remember, on the skin of the hands we can calculate the age of the woman. Follow the skin from a young age.

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