Why Does the Chest Hang?

Every woman wants to have a beautiful, elastic and tight breasts. Only not everyone can boldly bared before a man. Very often the breast loses its shape. Many will say that the reason for this is the birth of a child. Certainly, breastfeeding, childbirth and pregnancy lead to a change in the mammary glands. But do not forget that there are many other reasons that lead to this problem.

So, what is the reason for the sagging of the breast?

1. Smoking. If a woman smokes, it does harm not only to her health, but also to her appearance. As a result of smoking, the skin loses its elasticity. This means that wrinkles will appear much earlier. Breast augmentation also does not pass by.
2. Lack of sport. If a woman ignores a visit to a sports hall, then she only makes herself worse. Thanks to the variety, you can make it so that the breast will get a beautiful outline and shape.
3. Improper nutrition. Sweets, mayonnaise – all these products have a bad effect on the figure. Discard all harmful products in favor of beneficial. Sweets can be replaced with dried fruits, and mayonnaise – with olive oil.

Be beautiful!

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