Why is the Skin on the Hands Dry?

Every woman is simply obliged to monitor the condition of their skin. Looking at her, you can tell at a glance the general state of health.

But it so happens that your skin becomes dry. Although there is no medical problems and the woman provides her quality care.

So, what are the reasons for dry skin of hands? The issue today is necessary to disassemble the maximum detail.

1. Rubber gloves. All the household chores to be performed only in rubber gloves. Hard water, chemicals – all of this has a negative effect on the skin.
2. Weather. Weather conditions greatly affect the skin condition. The cold air, hot weather – these factors can cause this problem.
3. Nutrition. If a woman eats poorly, the skin immediately becomes worse. To skin was in perfect condition, eat fruits and vegetables.
4. Dehydration. If a person drinks enough water, it can also interfere with the dryness of the skin.

Lovely woman, pay due attention to their skin. Very soon she will say it for you, “thank you.”

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