Why is Weight Gain?

Many women tend to lose weight. But it so happens that the opposite is true during a diet. Weight becomes even greater. And there comes a time to despair, because the woman did not understand what was happening.

Do not worry. Let’s look at why there is weight gain?

1. Stress. Stressful situations have a negative impact on the body. During this period, people are starting to eat more than usual. Most of these dishes contain a lot of calories (ice cream sandwich with sausage and mayonnaise).
2. Portion. During the diet is important to reduce the size of servings. You can eat low-calorie foods, but in huge volume.
3. Anxiety. If a person feels anxious, then he begins to eat. Of course, such a reaction is not at all the people. But many have resorted to this method to cope with an alarming state. As you know, in the course are always sweet, but they contain a lot of calories.
4. Late supper. From late dinner should be discarded. Before going to sleep no food.

Lovely woman, try to always eat right. If this is done, it will never need to diet.

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