Why Should Eat Onions and Garlic

1211168For good health plays an important role nutrition.

From what foods a person include in your diet depends not only on the work of the stomach, but also to all organs.

There is a list, which include seafood, fruits and vegetables, and dairy products, which are considered the most useful.

One of them is garlic, which is composed of almost all nutrients and vitamins, so eating one piece on day, we protect themselves even from such a disease, like cancer. In addition, this vegetable has also medicinal properties, so it is necessary to use during colds, especially as it increases immunity.

The ability of its thin the blood to prevent the occurrence of blood clots and improves blood circulation, thus it has a positive effect not only on the heart, but also reduces the pressure. Those people who suffer from overweight, its use is necessary, since the garlic burns fat.

As for the bow, it practically is not inferior to the prior vegetables that are used in any colds, but also useful for the joints.

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