Why Should I Quit Smoking?

Smoking – a very harmful habit. Unfortunately, the trend of smoking does not decrease but rather increased. To counter this you still need.

So why is it that you need to quit smoking?

1. A long and happy life. A person who does not smoke, live a long and happy life. It will not be interested in such diagnoses as lung cancer, heart disease, psoriasis and poor hearing.
2. Save. If you quit smoking, you can significantly save money and buy something that dream long ago. The man did not even notice how much money is spent on the purchase of cigarettes.
3. Healthy children. Your children will be in good health. In addition, the pregnancy will be easier.
4. Time. You’ll have more free time to spend with his beloved family.
5. Youth. Your skin will stay longer young and wrinkle-free.
6. Hair. Hair finally will get a pleasant aroma.
7. Dentist. You’ll be less likely to visit the dentist, because the teeth will be yellow plaque and caries.

Believe me, life without smoking is much nicer!

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