Why Should Limit Consumption of Sugar

18111615Sugar is one of the most popular products because of its use as an additive in almost all dishes.

It contains sucrose, which in the body is split into glucose and fructose, which increases the energy of the person. However, from this product is less good than harm, because it has a negative effect on the heart, promotes the deposition of fats.

Furthermore, the digestibility of the sugar blocks B vitamins and leads to premature aging.

Especially his excess negative effect on the liver, because it contributes to the accumulation of fat that can cause cancer. People suffering from high blood pressure should limit itself to the use of sweets, because they are able to raise it, causing headaches can occur. And this is not to mention those persons who have been diabetic.

Therefore, those who love the sweet and consume a lot of sugar, it is better to replace it with honey, because it contains large amounts of vitamins and amino acids that are not harmful to our body.

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