Why Should you Drink Water?

Everyone knows that you need to drink water. However, few people adhere to this. Man ready to drink tea, juice, drink, but not water.

Immediately I want to say that our body needs it in the water. They drank a cup of tea, then you need to drink 2 cups of water.

So, let us once again recall why water is so useful and necessary for the human body?

1. Weight. To lose weight you need to drink. It will be difficult to do, if people do not listen to this advice.
2. Heart. If a person will drink the normal amount of water, then it will never be a problem with the heart.
3. Energy. If a person is drinking 2 liters of water a day, it will be vigorous and healthy.
4. Digestion. To the stomach and intestines working properly, drink water. No need to invent anything extra.
5. Cancer. Average consumption of water has cancer prevention.
6. Sport. To achieve high sports achievements, without water can not do.

As you can see, without water the human body can not function properly. Drink water to your health! Choose the water quality is always good!

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