Why Strengthen the Immune System?

In today’s world it is very difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle fully. Especially hard it is, if you live and work in the city, often using a variety of public transportation, if the shaking hands, meeting friends and colleagues, or sharing paper bills.

So on your fingers and palms settle millions of bacteria. However, we should not forget that your pets are also “ready” to shelter to a multitude of parasites, such as mites and various insects that carry the larvae of various pests.

You can easily expose themselves to danger, forgetting to wash fruit or sipping water from an unknown source.

Signs that your body settled uninvited guests, it is easy to recognize. This skin rashes and allergies, and watery eyes. Among other symptoms of infection – permanent cold and fatigue, joint pain and muscle pain, irritability and nervous behavior.

Antibiotics, which may recommend your doctor, only hurt the liver. Therefore, you must first check the body for the presence of parasites in it – maybe because of them you are experiencing these health problems.

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